Facebook marketing software


Facebook marketing software that supports batch import of FaceBook account IDs or emails, cookies, and configuration of different country proxy IPs. It can login to multiple FaceBook accounts and support generating fingerprint environment for each window based on IP and region to reduce the risk of being blocked and facilitate management.

The software can simulate user browsing of friend's pages on FaceBook, view friend's activities, increase FaceBook account weight, and reduce the risk of being blocked. It can also collect groups based on entered keywords, export group links, add groups, and post in bulk.

For fan marketing, it can collect members who have joined groups, members of unfamiliar groups, and page fans. It can add friends in bulk, send private messages, like and comment on personal homepage posts, specify the recommended person from a certain country, set the gender and number of recommended persons added for each account, and send private messages, likes and comments to friends in bulk. It can also confirm friend requests in bulk.

For posting, it can post on personal and public pages.

The software also includes a customer service chat management function, which uses common phrases for quick replies and automatically translates chat records.

Notic:Software download or use may be accidentally killed by anti-virus software, please do not prevent the software from running, just add the software to the white list.


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