Filter WhatsApp

Log into your WhatsApp account:

1.Scan the QR code to log in to your WhatsApp account for filtering: (1) You need to scan the QR code to log into your active WhatsApp account and use your WhatsApp account permissions to filter numbers. (2) Scan the code to log in to multiple WhatsApp accounts, which can effectively circumvent WhatsApp restrictions.

2.Import the WhatsApp channel number for filtering: (1) Import your WhatsApp channel number and use its permissions to filter numbers. (2) Importing multiple WhatsApp channel numbers can effectively avoid WhatsApp restrictions.

Note:Proxy IP settings must be set before channel numbers can be used to screen numbers

Number of accounts used at the same time: (1) When some customers use the number of accounts at the same time and select "All", the WhatsApp account that scans the code to log in is likely to be restricted, or the software may freeze or crash.In the above cases, the number of simultaneous account openings can be changed to the specified numbe. (2) If the specified number is 3, then the software will operate 3 accounts at the same time for screening, and automatically replace the next account for screening when there is a limit on one account, and cycle operatio.

Get avatar: In the process of filtering numbers, the software will automatically download the avatar of the WhatsApp account. Support to identify gender and age based on avata.

Personalized signature: In the process of filtering numbers, the software will automatically download the about of the WhatsApp account and support the language for identifying the about.

Filtering speed: For example, if the filtering speed is set to 10, then the WhatsApp account logged in on the left will filter 10 numbers each time; the larger the filter speed value, the faster the filter speed; if the value is set too large, if the corresponding slowness occurs, or the software is stuck, the value can be reduced.

Filter interval (milliseconds): For example, if the filter interval is set to 100 milliseconds, it means that you need to wait 100 milliseconds after filtering one number, and continue to filter the next number. The smaller the value, the faster the filtering speed. If there are filtering restrictions, you can increase this value appropriately.

Waiting to download avatars: In the case of checking Waiting for avatars to download, the software will download WhatsApp avatars during the filtering process (the download of avatars will be slow due to problems such as network speed). If Waiting for Avatar Download is checked, the software will wait for all avatars to be downloaded before proceeding with the filtering task.

Step 1: Scan QR code to log in to multiple WhatsApp accounts⬇️

Import multiple channel numbers⬇️

Example of the picture below: When the specified number is selected, the software will automatically cycle through the WhatsApp account to filter the number⬇️

Step 2: Set the rules for filtering numbers and perform the task of filtering numbers

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