Common script: Add commonly used phrases to quickly send message contents to contacts, greatly improving the convenience of chatting with friends.

Import script: The software will import all shortcut reply scripts of the entered sub-account into the current conversation script list.

Translation engine: Docking with two translation engines, Google Translate and Netease Youdao, for customers to choose from.

Verify Translation: Due to the differences in Chinese and foreign language syntax, it is often the case that Chinese text translated into a foreign language is not accurate. Enabling the translation validation function will translate the foreign language back into Chinese again, and compare the text in the two text boxes to adjust the text you have entered, making the translation more accurate.

One-click Trans: Translate the chat history in the current window into different languages (any national language).

Add frequently used phrases (text and images), double-click on a single phrase to quickly send it in a chat conversation.

Using the translation engine, enter what you want to send, translate it and send it

Translate chat history with one click: Translate the chat history of the current window into different languages (any country's language).

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