Live interaction

Live interaction: You can increase the popularity of a specified live stream by using multiple Facebook accounts to follow, like, and post multiple comments in the live stream.

Add live stream address: Add the live stream address to the software, and then bind the Facebook account to the live stream address.

Marketing method: Like and post comment content for the live stream (you can choose to post comments in sequence or randomly).

Comment interval: For example, if the interval is set to 30-60 seconds, each bound Facebook account will post a comment in its bound live stream within 30-60 seconds.

Maximum interactions per minute: For example, if set to 60 times, regardless of how many Facebook accounts are bound to the live stream address, these Facebook accounts can only post a total of 60 comments in that live stream within one minute.

Usage steps: on 'Add', then select the live video URL you want to interact with.

2.Click on 'Bind Account' to bind the selected Facebook account with the checked live stream URL.

  1. Set the marketing method by selecting 'Like and Comment', then set the interval between comments and the maximum number of interactions per minute. Click 'Add Broadcast Content' and select the content to be broadcasted. Finally, click 'Start'.

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