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Number of messages to send per account: Enter the number of messages to be sent per Facebook account

Add friends: The selected accounts perform the task of adding friends. If they encounter users who have already been added, they will not be added again and will be skipped. (According to Facebook's official rules, you can send up to 1000 friend requests waiting for approval. If you send more friend requests than this, the previous requests will be deleted. Each Facebook account can add up to 5000 friends.)Note: If the Facebook account has disabled the add friend feature, it will not be able to send friend requests to others.

Liking personal page: liking the latest post on the user's personal page.Note: If the Facebook account has disabled the like function, it will not be possible to send a like to the user's post.

Personal page comment: Leave a comment on the latest post of the user's personal page. (If group posting is prone to account suspension, then you can use the personal page like and comment functions.)Note: If the Facebook account has disabled commenting, it will not be able to send comments to others.

Mass message: Selected accounts execute the mass message task. (After sending a message to a user, you can see whether the other party has viewed the message. For example: when your message has been sent, delivered, and read by the other party, FaceBook will use different icons to display it.)

Delete private message sending record: When using cookies to log in to a Facebook account to send private messages, if you do not want to leave a record of sending private messages, you can delete the sending record, but the recipient can still receive the private message.

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