Friend marketing

Send messages to selected friends: First select the Facebook accounts on the left, get their friends list, select the friends you want to send messages to, and execute tasks such as liking and commenting on their latest posts, and sending private messages to them.

Like personal page: Like the latest post on the user's personal page.

Comment on personal page: Post a comment on the latest post on the user's personal page. (If sending private messages in bulk is likely to result in account suspension, you can use the personal page like/comment function instead.)

Send private messages in bulk: Send private messages to the selected friends. (After sending a message to a friend, you can see if they have viewed the message. For example, different icons are used to indicate when your message has been sent, delivered, and read by the recipient.)

Delete sent messages history: When using a FaceBook account logged in with cookies to send messages, if you do not want to keep the sent messages history, you can delete it. However, the recipient can still receive the messages.

Send messages to selected friends⬇️

Delete checked friends: Unfriend the selected friends.

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